The Benefits and Drawbacks of Blogger


Aside from the features that WordPress has, Blogger is also free and can be hosted on Google’s servers. The latter’s security features include SSL certificates, which protect your site from threats on the internet. As an added bonus, Blogger offers many features that help you improve your blog, attract more readers, and make money. It even has monetization options for those who want to turn their blogs into a business. But there are some drawbacks to Blogger.

If you want to start a blog, you’ll want to get acquainted with the platform’s features. Blogger provides a blank slate for your content, which will give you the freedom to add emojis, links, images, and videos. You can also customize the look of your blog with templates that are free or paid. Moreover, there are applications for both desktops and mobiles that allow you to edit your blog on the go.

One of the benefits of Blogger is that it includes built-in analytics that will help you understand where your audience lives and what they’re interested in. You can also connect Blogger with Google Analytics for even better insights. The statistics that Blogger provides will be extremely useful to you in planning your content. It’s easy to see how much your audience has read and how frequently they’ve visited your blog. The analytics can also give you a better idea of how to improve your blog’s SEO in the future.

While the basic functionality of Blogger is a good choice for hobby bloggers, it’s not for serious business. There are many things that a professional blogger should consider. It’s a great way to share your message and expertise with others. You can also make money by selling digital products. You’ll have an easier time creating and selling products, which means you can sell more of them. And there’s nothing better than making money through blogging than a business.