The Definition of Food

Food is a substance that is consumed for its nutritional value. It usually comes from plant, animal or fungal sources and contains essential nutrients. Humans consume about 20 percent of their energy from food. The definition of food is very broad, covering a variety of sources, from fruits and vegetables to grains and dairy products. To make the most of your food intake, you should understand the basics. The definition of food can vary slightly depending on the country you live in.


Food is an essential element of human life. We eat food to provide energy for our bodies. We consume foods from a wide variety of sources, including plants, animals, and fungi. Typically, it is the primary source of nutrients for an organism, providing it with energy and nutrients to maintain life and promote growth. Each species of animal has a different type of diet, but all fulfill their basic nutritional requirements. For example, a fish skeleton will eat a whole sea urchin for protein.

Food can also express feelings of friendship, recognition, or punishment. Some people become addicted to a certain type of food or have a habit of eating dessert after every meal. These habits may be related to psychological needs. A few people have a habit of eating dessert at the end of each meal. These habits are connected to a person’s psychological needs. Many people eat to vent their frustration or anger. Some people even eat too much when they’re feeling sad or frustrated.