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Creating a Blog With Blogger


Creating a Blog With Blogger

If you have a personal blog and want to keep your audience updated, you can use Blogger’s statistics to keep track of your posts’ success. You can view your stats by viewing your blog’s graph, and see where your audience is located on the world map. Some countries are more successful than others, so you’ll want to concentrate on those countries. For those who want to reach a global audience, you can try creating a global map of your audience.

There are also many advanced features you can add to your blog, including the ability to connect your blog with Google Analytics. With this feature, you can automatically display targeted ads on your blog. You can also connect your blogs with Google Plus, and use Blogger applications to edit your blog while on the go. There are also many free and paid templates, widgets, and apps available for mobile users. For advanced blogs, there are many other options that can help you create an effective and engaging site.

When creating a blog, Blogger makes it easy for even non-technical users to create a blog. The interface allows you to use pre-built templates from thousands of websites. You can also customize your template by editing the HTML and CSS in the template editor. There is also a built-in Google Plus service, which makes sharing content easier than ever. You can even create a blog on your mobile with the use of apps. These applications can post blogs directly to Google+.