How to Set Up a Blog to Make Money Online

A blogger is defined as “a person who maintains a blog for profit.” Bloggers share opinions, thoughts, humor and information on the subjects they are writing about in blogs. These websites can be personal blogs or business blogs. Business bloggers may post daily updates on the latest happenings on the corporate world, while personal bloggers may have a personal blog that can consist of journal-like entries, photos, and links to other blogs.


One of the most popular uses for a blogger today is to use social media and email marketing to promote businesses online. Social media refers to the ability for people to upload pictures, videos, podcast and share content with millions of followers all over the world. Email marketing is the process of sending targeted emails to specific audiences with offers, news and information about your products, services, business and personal life. It is an effective way to market your products and services by creating a mailing list of targeted subscribers. In just one week of using email marketing to build your business you could potentially earn hundreds of dollars.

To start your own blog it is easy to sign up for a free account at blogger, use their hosting services or purchase a domain name. If you decide to use hosting services you can either purchase an annual plan or a monthly plan. Monthly plans are less expensive because there is no annual fee; however, if you decide to upload more than one photo or video each month it is more expensive to purchase a yearly plan because you will have to pay a hosting fee. The best hosting services for blogging platforms are HostGator, HyperOffice and WordPress.