A newspaper is basically a weekly magazine printed twice a week or once a month, usually on general paper and released daily. It provides current news and information about local events and political news. They are mainly read by people to keep up with their locality, state or country’s news. It can also be used as a teaching tool to inform people of current affairs, sports events and local news around the world.


Today newspapers have become a crucial part of our daily life. They have been published since the 12th century in countries like Britain, The Netherlands and Germany. In the United States of America the first newspaper was started in 1793. It was started by the printer John Milton and continued until the 20th century in various towns and cities. The popularity of the newspapers never waned and they still exist today in the newspaper industry of the United States. Nowadays many newpapers are being published every year.

When you want to buy a newspaper you need to decide which kind of newspaper you need to buy. If you want to buy a weekend magazine you will find that the prices printed in a Sunday newspaper are more expensive than the price printed in a Wednesday newspaper. It has also been noticed that if you buy a small copy of a newspaper it is cheaper than buying a whole newspaper. A lot of people use online services for printing their newspaper.