Difference Between a Blogger and a Traditional Website

Every website needs a good blogger and great bloggers have an incredible ability to influence the web traffic. Blogger is an example of a very popular blogging site online. blogger is also used for sharing videos and sound files online. Blogs are very easy to create, especially if you have a blog platform such as WordPress, Blogger or LiveJournal. You just have to find relevant topics or niches, put up a bit of content, make a few images or links, and start blogging.


A blogger vs. WordPress or Blogger battle usually begins when one platform allows a user to create unlimited blogs while another platform only allows for limited number of blog posts. This issue has been addressed by the blogging platforms by adding additional plugins. Some time back when Blogger was introduced it was the most powerful blogging platform available on the market. However, nowadays with almost every blogging platform, a blogger has the choice of creating a blog on their own platform, or using the plugins provided by the other platform.

Another difference between a blogger and a traditional website is that a blogger can interact with the readers directly. Blogs are also used as a tool for marketing, although most people use blogs as personal sites to share information with their friends. Although the readers are able to interact with the blogger, most people use a blog as an online diary where they can post daily thoughts or ramblings, usually focusing on their personal life, their passion, hobbies, or thoughts about their day. If a blogger continues to use this online diary and add content to it, then eventually it can lead to professional blogging.