What is a Newspaper – And Why Does it Matter?

A newspaper is a printed document printed usually once a week or sometimes on a daily basis, and released regularly, typically once a day. It provides neutral information and commentary about current events and national news. In most cases people enjoy to read them just to keep up with their own town, county or country’s political news.


Newspaper have been published since the mid eighteenth century and was actually the first mass circulation newspaper in the United States. The first British newspaper to be published in the USA was the Boston Evening News which later became the New York Evening Post. Although there were several early attempts to establish a national newspaper but these failed due to the prohibitively high cost of printing. But despite this, newspaper still had widespread circulation and newspaper printing costs were lower than other publishing media.

Today newspapers can be found in almost all cities, but are more popular in major cities where most people live. Some newspapers might only produce limited editorial content and are circulated for free. Other newspapers offer primarily editorial content and are published for a fee. The New York Times Company for example, prints both a business section and an entertainment section and has a Sunday edition.