What Does an Interior Designer Do?

A designer is someone who designs something in advance, usually by sketching or drawing, before it’s ever made. In practical use, someone who makes intangible or tangible items, processes, practices, laws, systems, games, images, services, or products can also be called a designer. Just because a designer has created something doesn’t mean that the object was perfectly contrived or perfectly designed, only that someone thought of an idea and put it into physical form. Just like there are great paintings that are wildly successful, there are equally successful but lesser known designers. Whether the designer is considered a visionary who came up with an idea that later became a hit, or a craftsman who fashioned an object from various materials and placed it in a particular way, the job of a designer is still considered a vital one, and one that requires specific skills.


Interior designers are interior experts who create the layouts and furniture for the interiors of a home or office. Unlike designers who work only with the design of a building, interior designers must work with many other people involved in the creation of a space, such as builders, architects, decorators, and even the homeowners themselves. Interior designers have to work with space planners, layout architects, and more, all of whom require different skill sets and knowledge of different processes and materials. Because of this, most interior designers go to school before obtaining their degree, so that they can acquire the skills and knowledge they will need to be able to perform their job well.

Like any other profession, designers also fall under a number of different career choices and classification. Some designers create only furnishings, while others create everything from the furniture to the appliances that a home or office has. Still others may only work with the printing and production of materials, while others will create anything from signage to advertisements. But the one thing that all designers do have in common is that they must constantly learn about new technology and designs. And because technology changes so quickly and dramatically, designers ranges from artists who only work with a design idea to artists who can create a whole space or museum.