The Newspaper

A circulating form of printed material distributed by an independent news agency containing articles either written or editorially edited by the people for publication. In a newspaper, articles can be of different formats, the most common, being a hardcopy edition (also sold or ordered beforehand) and an on-line version. Besides newspapers, other printed materials that are circulated include handbills, newsletters and circulars, and magazines.


The main purpose of newspapers is to deliver the latest news and information to its readers. It also forms the first point of contact for a lot of people when they need to know something important about a particular subject. The broadsheets contained in the newspaper offer much more than the simple stories and information: besides, it also carries advertisements. These advertisements, coming in the form of price lists or hyperlinks to related products, services or sales, form an integral part of the printed media and form an important part of the business world as well.

The other published news and current affairs sections in papers tend to combine features of both the hard and online versions of the paper to present a comprehensive view of current affairs, bringing the reader all the important happenings all at once. Newsletters, pamphlets and community letters, which are also published as inserts in newspapers, are used for distributing information and as legal support to citizens. Other printed media used for delivering current information include radio and TV commercials, while the internet is becoming increasingly popular as the main source of information and news for the masses.