The Basics of Travel

Travel is basically the motion of individuals between various distant geographical locations. The term travel literally means to move from one place to another. Travel can generally be one way, usually involving travel by road, train, plane, bicycle, vehicle, or other ways, with or without other forms of transport, and is usually one way or round trips. Some types of travel include tourism, adventure travel, international travel, local travel, honeymoon travel, campervan travel, cruise travel, etc. Generally, there are five main types of travel that we generally consider: touring travel, backpacking travel, traveling by air, traveling by road and boat, and biking travel.


Touring travel is a journey where the person traveled in a group or with other individuals. It usually includes sightseeing and associated activities. Backpacking travel is a solitary journey where the person travels in a single direction and is not accompanied by others. In essence, it is a form of travel wherein all the necessities for travel are carried along with the traveler.

Tourism is the art and science of appreciating and developing the location that tourism can enhance. The art and science of tourism may be applied to many fields, including business, travel, education, art, tourism and research. Tourism may be short-term or long-term, and Tourism can often be part of a package holiday, or included as a segment of a vacation package. Business travel is generally conducted for business meetings, and business tourism may entail traveling to a different country for a business conference or seminar. Education travel is generally conducted for teaching students in a particular area, while travel for pleasure is for visiting all sorts of places, doing sports, visiting amusement parks, beaches, monuments, zoos and aquariums etc.