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How to Manage Your Blogger Site

A blogger (or: blogger, digital content writer, website owner, webcast producer, multimedia writer, content writer or digital content consultant) is a published author who creates original content for the Internet and other digital media, usually blogs. Their written output is usually posted in the form of RSS syndication feeds. As a blogger you need to understand that the main benefit of blogging is the ease of publishing it to the World Wide Web, to a potentially unlimited number of readers worldwide.


A blogger can use the services of a content management system (CMS), which allows for a great deal of control over the look and feel of a blogger’s website. There are many benefits of hiring a blogger who is both skilled and experienced in the area of content management, including the ability to put together a custom made blog in accordance with your specific needs and interests, whilst also offering you full control over what and how you will advertise your blog through Google AdSense, PayPerPost, and other advertising options available on the Internet. Not only does the blogger have skills in this area but it also makes them independent and thus able to explore other avenues of revenue such as affiliate marketing via ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon and the like. In essence they are your own virtual sales team.

In order to take full benefit from their blogging abilities, you need to make it easy for readers to find and view their blog posts. This is done by establishing a “new post” link on every page in your blog. You can do this by creating a new link on each of your blog’s new posts admin panel. Alternatively you can link each new post to a shortcode, which serves the purpose of directing readers to the new post. It is important not to overcrowd the new posts admin panel with links; instead, use short code words and phrases that will best describe your blog post. Once you have established this process, your readers will be able to quickly find and access your latest blog post.