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Six Different Types of Designer


Six Different Types of Designer

A designer is defined by Webster as a person having artistic skill in creating and designing things. It is a broad category that covers a wide variety of professions. A designer can be a principal or chief designer, which means that he or she is the person or department who designs things or makes plans and specifications, often drawing them up in advance to be implemented. Designers can also be an ornament designer, meaning that they are the ones who choose materials, colors, and other things to decorate establishments. Designers, however, are not just artists but also businessmen who make things look beautiful and appealing. It is therefore but obvious that a designer is also a business professional who makes things happen.

A graphic designer, as stated earlier, is a person who designs things for a variety of purposes such as advertising or marketing purposes, however, not limited to that. A graphic designer can be a picture framer, a poster artist, a writer, an illustrator, and a web designer. Graphic design also often involves the creation of logos, images, or other illustrations that are used to represent a certain product, idea. Designers can be categorized according to their area of expertise. The six different types of designers are as follows: Commercial Designer, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Public Relations Designer, Fashion Designer and Web Designer.

The commercial designer focuses on advertising and marketing. He or she will create advertisements and campaigns aimed at promoting a brand or product. A graphic designer on the other hand, focuses on the visual aspect of an idea or product. For example, if a furniture designer is to create motion graphics, the designer would focus on the aesthetics of it rather than its functionality.