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How To Improve Market Penetration Of Daily Newspapers


How To Improve Market Penetration Of Daily Newspapers

A newspaper is basically a newspaper usually printed on broadside paper and issued daily, usually once in a day or once per week. It usually gives unbiased information and opinions on news and current affairs. Most newspapers are delivered personally to one’s house, by registered mail. One can also purchase a newspaper either at a newspaper store or in a nearby newsstand.

The market penetration of daily newspapers has been increasing steadily over the years due to their easy to read quality, and cheap printing costs, making them a highly lucrative business venture for advertisers. Today newspaper circulation is estimated at over six hundred million copies, which is equivalent to around twenty-two million newspaper prints a year. These numbers are steadily on the rise as advertising costs are coming down in light of new digital advertising models that are more cost effective than other forms of marketing. With such high circulation figures, and with the threat of digital disruption, it is very important that media owners continue to provide a free and fair press to their readers.

In order to maximize revenues from both circulation and advertising, news publishers need to constantly update their newspapers with all the latest and relevant news and information they can possibly get their hands on. This would ensure not only a constant stream of fresh and enticing news, but also continuous sales for newspapers. To add to this, newspapers provide a service to readers by delivering important information to them on topics they may not be aware of and helping them make decisions on issues of particular interest to them. This is why daily newspapers have been considered one of the greatest assets for the community since its inception and continue to serve an important social role in today’s increasingly individualistic world.