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Travel – How People Travel

Travel is the moving movement of individuals between distant geographic locations. Travel can be to long distance, medium distance, or a short distance, with or without baggage, and is either one route or round trip. There are two basic types of travel: public and private. Public traveling is when a group of people to travel together for a purpose, such as an extended business trip or an international holiday. Private travel is usually for self-directed travel within a country or within a specific region, and is generally less expensive than public travel. There are also international travel packages available.


There are many ways to travel a long distance, whether by road, by air, by sea, or by boat. The best way to travel long-distance is to arrange your own itinerary and travel according to it, rather than following someone else’s itinerary. In a public area, there will usually be a railway station, flight terminal, or bus or train station. Public transportation is always an option in case of long-distance travel. For longer trips, you can consider taking a cruise ship, although you should be aware that cruises tend to be more expensive than normal trains and buses, and tend to have fewer facilities and amenities.

Long-distance business travel, on the other hand, involves traveling to another place, usually within the same country, where you conduct business. Typical business travel is to another place for the purpose of earning income, looking for new clients, or exploring a new industry. Some people travel to another place for an extended holiday; others do so for business purposes. Many people travel between countries within the same family as they do between states or counties. Business travel can also be between countries where you work (or are employed) whereas leisure travel is typically to another place for the purpose of visiting another place.