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Designer Job Outlook


Designer Job Outlook

A designer is someone who designs the shape or structure of an object before it is actually made, usually by preparing detailed drawings or plans first. In most professions, a designer would have to follow rigid rules and regulations regarding the creation of a new product or piece of art, but artists often use their own style to make a unique piece of work that differs from the norm. The definition of ‘a designer’ is open to interpretation according to the context in which it is used, but generally a designer would be responsible for coming up with ideas and concepts for a new product or idea, as well as coming up with methods for presenting those ideas and concepts in a way that the customer can understand and appreciate. Usually it will take some time before a design is ready to be implemented and the concept must be communicated clearly and thoroughly so that the end result is satisfactory to all concerned.

It is estimated that roughly three quarters of all designers live on a full-time basis; and of those, nine out of ten are female. A typical career is likely to start out in an entry-level position, such as an assistant designer or bench designer, and from there the designer can progress through to becoming a designer-in-residence or a designer manager or designer emeritus. Most designers spend their spare time between full-time employment in the field, although in recent times some designers have begun work as freelancers, selling their expertise on the Internet or through small advertising agencies.

There are various different types of designers in different types of industries. For example, print and design professionals work for advertising agencies and marketing firms, sculptors for sculptor’s groups, and computer programmers create software programs for hardware manufacturers. But the most common career is product design, which involves coming up with innovative ideas to sell products. Product designers may come up with new ideas for products by using the process of dispatching surveys and consumer behavior to forecast consumer preferences. Other job titles are marketer, merchandiser or advertising salesperson, while other designer jobs could be in think tank activities, futurists, futurist designers, environmental consultants, or product line designers.