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New Features of Blogger 2.0

Blogger is an American internet content management system that allows multi-user blogs using time-stamp entries. Pyra Labs developed this system before being purchased by Google in 2003. Google hosted the first blogs, which are now available through a separate subdomain of popular blogspot. In 2006, Google bought the remainder of the firm’s shares and later released it as a free service.


One of the many new features of blogger is the “citation needed” feature. Google uses a special algorithm to rank web pages according to their importance. By using this system, webmasters can easily find any information on any web page that was published and allows bloggers to provide additional information and cite sources for these references. Google uses the “Web citations” system to determine relevancy for web pages. While Google still requires some specific formatting, overall, this is a very simple and easy-to-use tool for blog owners.

Other features of blogger include an integrated e-mail client and RSS feed reader. Blogger has made RSS easier to syndicate by allowing bloggers to create and publish RSS feeds from existing Magazines, Blogs, and Newsletters. The RSS reader can also be used to display blog summaries on the user’s web browser, similar to the Safari browser’s built-in RSS panel.