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Designer – What Does He Do?


Designer – What Does He Do?

A designer is someone who designs things, especially art or other forms of creative works. A designer uses his or her mind, skill and imagination to create the appearance, texture, shape, size, function, performance, safety, usefulness or any other aspect of something else. A designer does not just make things but makes them in such a way so that they reflect his/her thinking, aesthetic sense or other personality. A designer can be a person with a technical talent, like an architect who is specialized in designing buildings or homes, or he/she can be a person with an artistic talent, like a painter who is specialized in painting beautiful pictures.

A graphic designer is a person who designs or renders images in the form of objects, which can be used for representing data in a meaningful and useful way. Graphic design involves arranging representational elements in a way that they can be viewed by the end-user, usually in a print format. An interior designer generally deals with spaces and furniture, while a web designer is mostly specialized in designing websites and other online projects. There are many sub-specialties under the category of designer: communication designer, branding designer, computer designer, e-commerce designer, graphic design, industrial designer, multimedia designer, painter, photographer, sculptor, visual communication designer, software developer, Web developer and more.

A communication designer creates images and text for communicating ideas, concepts or information to the public. A branding designer creates logos, designs, images, or text that will help to communicate a company’s vision and mission to the public. An interior designer designs the whole look of the space, including the furniture, lighting, wall coloring and fixtures, carpeting and other interior elements. A graphic designer designs layouts and artwork, while a web designer creates the design of websites.