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Travel And Culture

Travel is the moving movement of individuals between various distant geographical areas. Travel can either be one-way or round trip, done by foot, car, train, plane, boat or any other mode of transportation, and is one way or multiple ways to reach your destination. Travel has provided mankind with the means to meet its basic needs and facilitate social interaction among people from different cultures, religions and ethnic groups. Today, the world is a global village, where people of all races and backgrounds live in harmony and interact with each other through various means like the internet, telephones, radios, television, and others.


In addition, travel brings individuals within a single place together, facilitating social interaction, increasing cross-cultural communication, enhancing understanding, and leading to an appreciation of another culture. One of the advantages of travel is that it relieves individuals of social stress and other negative feelings associated with relocating to a new location, as traveling enables people to experience the same sights, sounds, tastes and emotions as they would have experienced if they had stayed put. Another advantage of travel is that it reduces the strain of adjusting to one’s new lifestyle, as most often when people move to a new area they are met with various unfamiliar yet subtle restrictions, which are quite similar to those that people face when they move within their own country.

Most people, however, are surprised to learn that there are actually a variety of restrictions encountered when people travel internationally. The most common, however, is the need to learn the language of the place one is visiting. The more familiar the foreign language, the easier it becomes for travelers to interact with the locals, converse easily, and get a feel for the local customs and practices. This not only helps to make the journey more pleasant for both parties, but also helps to cut down on the time needed to become accustomed to the new cultures. Another important aspect of travel is the ability to observe new cultures, as travel allows people to go to new places and get an insight for future trips to the same or different areas.